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[Read the world] Dig deep, until you can / Park Chang-hee

About 50 minutes by car from Tsushima's central city, Aso Bay, where many islands are located, appeared in front of me.Aso Bay is an area that General Lee Jung-mu of the Korean Army used as an attack point for subduing the Wa army.A mountain road that winds along a narrow coastal road with one lane continued.When I went up the newly constructed mountain road for about 2 km, the vast sea spread out. "Can you see it? That is Geojedo, South Korea. The distance is about 60 km. If the Japan-Korea Undersea Tunnel opens, it will go to Korea." It was photorealistic and sincere.


The Japan-Korea Tunnel Research Group held the "Japan-Korea Tunnel Tsushima Japan-Korea Leaders Forum" on the 15th and 16th, and opened the Tsushima Survey Slope of the Korea-Japan Tunnel in the Aren area near Izuhara.After creating a 2014km approach in 2, Japan's International Highway Foundation dug an 8m wide and 10m long inclined shaft here.It is said that this inclined shaft will be used for the submarine geological survey and construction method research of Tsushima Nishi Suido, and the pilot tunnel (advanced tunnel) of the Korea-Japan submarine tunnel to be constructed in the future by digging the seabed up to 1 km.


It seems reckless to dig a research pit for an undersea tunnel for which there is no consensus, let alone an agreement between Korea and Japan, but it is rapidly approaching. It was more than the impact of the first exploratory pit (1986m) dug in Karatsu, Kyushu in 580.The Tsushima Survey Mine seemed to be a kind of flag set by declaring Tsushima as a relay point for the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel and a key point in Northeast Asia.


The Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel is a century project advocated by Sun Myung Moon, President of the Unification Church in 1981.Since the mid-1980s, the International Highway Foundation has been working with local people in Karatsu (20 m5), Iki (100 m8), Tsushima (47 million m3000), etc. in Kyushu to use it as an undersea tunnel inclined shaft base. We have steadily purchased the site with the cooperation.Undersea tunnel branches were formed in XNUMX prefectures throughout Japan last August.Considering that the funds invested so far will reach XNUMX billion won, it cannot be said that it is a careless private project.


It seems that the opposite airflow is still strong in South Korea.At one point, former President Kim Dae-Jung and Roh Moo-hyun expressed their intention to promote the research, and former President Lee Myung-bak also instructed the research, but the conclusion was negative.It was that the economic profit was small.The other day, journalist Yu Shi-min said, "If the Korea-Japan undersea tunnel is built, the advantage of the starting and ending points of the Eurasian railway will be lost, and Busan Port will be destroyed."A "Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel Prohibition Petition" was posted on the Blue House National Petition Bulletin Board, and 1 people agreed.The unsolvable past history of Korea and Japan is also an ambush.It is also a fact that the shadow of militarism such as the theory of conquest of Korea and the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Area flickers in the problem of the Japan-Korea tunnel.


But shouldn't we even argue with research because of these issues?Then it's like becoming a frog in the well.There is a good reason for the other party to move.Knowledge cannot be overlooked if you remember the past that you responded to without knowing the other person.What if our destiny depends on that?


The Japan-Korea tunnel is a difficult one that cannot be easily disputed, but it is an urgent and important future issue.The world's longest (250 km), 100 trillion won project cost, severe seabed construction, ensuring safety, and Korea-Japan stock adjustment are all important issues.


Important international mechanics is acting in this.Not only the reconstruction of Korea-Japan relations, but also the new economy and new civilization of Northeast Asia, and the complicated function of the new order are intervening.It is also involved in the "Northeast Asian Railway Community" announced by President Moon Jae-in, one of China's Belt and Road Initiatives.In addition to economic efficiency, international dynamics and future vision must be considered together.


Even if the economy is declining now, will it be 10 or 30 years from now?This is an issue that should be discussed and considered in depth. The goal of the international community in the 21st century is to connect, which is also Superlink.We must study the way to truly win over Japan.The Korea-Japan Tunnel Study Group is active mainly in Busan, but public interest is weak.


At the end of the Tsushima Forum, Hirofumi Sato, President of the International Highway Foundation, spoke meaningfully. "Businessmen run away when it's unprofitable. Politicians withdraw their plans if they disagree. But we'd" Digging deep "from a long-term perspective." Is the title of an article about the Korea-Japan tunnel in the June 2017 issue of the magazine.On the way back to Busan, the word "digging deep" circulated around my mind.


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Translated the November 2018, 11 issue of the International Newspaper


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