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Even in Corona, a 12-member inspection team was sent to Tsushima-the November issue of the site newsletter.

◆ On October XNUMXth, the inspection team from Aichi to the Japan-Korea tunnel site in Karatsu and Tsushima will almost complete the typhoon damage restoration work.

An incident is happening now in Tsushima, which is supposed to be wrapped in autumn leaves.The mountains shining in the fresh green are floating in the autumn sky.

Two large typhoons that struck in early September dropped leaves, broke branches and made the entire island look like winter withering.A week later, the cherry blossoms began to bloom again.The cherries and Chionanthus retusus also bloomed, and the autumn cluster amaryllis and beauty co-starred.


And now, sprouts are coming out and the leaves are in full bloom, shining in the autumn sunlight.Seen from a distance, sandwiched between the blue sky of Tsushima and the sea, fresh green is rising and shining all over the island, like a three-dimensional image that pops out.


Meanwhile, on October XNUMXth and XNUMXth, a XNUMX-member inspection team from the Aichi Peace Ambassadors' Council visited the Japan-Korea tunnel site in Karatsu and Tsushima.It was the first visit right after the ban on travel was lifted even in the corona wreck.

"As I saw in the photo, the Karatsu slope was more powerful than I had imagined." "It is meaningful to connect Japan-South Korea friendship with this tunnel to the place where Toyotomi Hideyoshi sent troops to Korea XNUMX years ago." "Tsushima At the Aren site, mobile phones have become international calls, and I feel that they are close to South Korea. It's a sense of distance that I feel when I come. " It has such a deep history, "he said, saying that he would like to make more time to visit next time.


Regarding the recovery from typhoon damage, Tsushima City also made a special recovery budget of XNUMX million yen, and the damage was so great that the buildings and land of the foundation were also seriously damaged.Shortly after two months, the building and land restoration was almost complete.In the future, we plan to start repairing the cherry blossoms that were transplanted over the winter.





[Photo ①] Inspection team from Aichi In front of the Aren mine entrance, the commentary board in the photo was also destroyed by the typhoon, but it was repaired in a hurry.



[Photo XNUMX] Road pavement work for the root site The road carved by landslides and rebellion was paved with concrete.


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