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Tsushima's Neo site goes to a new stage-December issue of the site news

◆ The root site is moving to a new stage Rapid pitch toward the opening of the yellow cabin

The concerns that had surfaced on the NEO site for four years were completely resolved in March this year.The hut that appeared in this process is now being maintained at a rapid pace.


I will report on it, although it is still in progress, for full-scale utilization from next year.As a related project of this highway project, we are considering to operate it based on "a place of relaxation for Tsushima citizens and a place of exchange between supporters and site visitors".Please send us good ideas for utilization.


The root site facing the east coast of Tsushima was initially considered as a research pit for the main pit route of the Japan-Korea Tunnel.This route was a plan to go to Busan, South Korea, but it was abandoned due to concerns about the weak geological condition of the seabed east of Busan.Since then, no concrete plan for land utilization has been formulated, and it has been up to now.


The site is located on a small slope, and Hiji pushes over the sea and rises brightly from between the three small islands called Chichijima, Hahajima, and Kojima.People who take a walk often stop walking and take in the cold air of the morning.

It's the moment when the island trembles red at the beginning of a new day.Overlooking Okinoshima and mainland Japan to the east, it is a scenic location even in Tsushima.It is located right in the middle of the national highway that connects the administrative city area and the shopping city area, and it is a place where you can feel the future of Tsushima, where you can get close to the Tokai region.Cherry trees are scheduled to be planted on the back slope of the site early next year.


After waking up from XNUMX years of sleep, the roots that emerged with a new mission in this project in Tsushima.Tsushima is located between Japan and the Korean Peninsula, and is not just a relay point, but a place that opens up the future.Stay tuned for future use.


[Photo 1] The root cabin, which is exposed to the rising sun with the Tokai as its back, will be painted yellow.



[Photo 2] View of the Tokai from the mountain side through the cabin The leaves that have grown again from the typhoon in September are now bright red in December.


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