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Cherry tree planting on the root site-News from the site March issue

◆ Planting cherry trees on the root site Install roll curtains on windows for practical use

At the root site, along with the cabin maintenance, we started planting cherry trees around the hut.These were donated by Mr. Yoshiharu Kanazawa of Kanagawa Prefecture three years ago.It must be surrounded by wire mesh to protect it from deer feeding damage when the flowers bloom and the leaves begin to emerge.

This is because the sprout of cherry blossoms is a treat of "sakura mochi" for deer, and the cherry tree is miserably cut off from the root.We planted trees around the hut this year, but next year we plan to plant them from the top to the entire site.

The maple trees have already been dyed red last year, so they will be beautifully colored in spring and autumn.We aim to be the best healing and relaxing cabin in Tsushima.


In the interior, following the installation of window frames and glass, roll curtains were installed earlier this month.We can provide you with a blissful time to enjoy Kona coffee while overlooking the blue sky and sea of ​​Tsushima.You will soon be able to stay overnight.It is the second year of the battle with the new Corona, but the "Neo Cabin" is also in the second year, and we can finally provide it for the tunnel site inspection, so please look forward to it.


Tsushima is now in full bloom with cherry blossoms, but the number of flowers is small this spring and the flowers are small, probably because they showed the phenomenon of blooming twice due to the two large typhoons last September.I have to feel the breathing to recover my physical strength by already putting out the leaves.The pale purple flowers of the Genkai azaleas are also in full bloom, and it is the most beautiful time to reach the fresh green.



[Photo ①] Plant cherry saplings around the Neo cabin and install a wire mesh to avoid deer for protection.



[Photo XNUMX] Cherry trees planted around the cabin are protected by wire mesh to avoid deer that have begun to bloom.


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