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To realize the Japan-Korea tunnel

Expecting the Governor to work to foster momentum

Representative Takahira appeals for maintenance promotion in the prefectural assembly


In a general question of the prefectural assembly in June, the former prefectural assembly of Takahira (the prefectural democratic association) asked about the "Japan-Korea tunnel" from Karatsu city in Saga prefecture to South Korea via Iki and Tsushima. As Japan progresses, Japan must also improve its position in East Asia and realize a road that connects to the world. " I appealed for sex.


The total length of the tunnel is about XNUMX km, the distance between Karatsu and Iki is about XNUMX km, the distance between Iki and Tsushima is about XNUMX km, and the seabed is XNUMX km.The International Highway Foundation is aiming to realize it as part of the International Highway Project.


Mr. Takahira said, "It may seem unrealistic for those who hear it for the first time." ▽ Karatsu City has already secured about XNUMX square meters of land and dug down the inclined shaft to about XNUMX meters. ▽ A site of XNUMX square meters has been secured in the Aren district of Izuharamachi, Karatsu City, and a mine opening ceremony was held in September XNUMX. Report on the progress of the project, such as planning a ceremony. Furthermore, the foundation has launched the "Japan-Korea Tunnel Promotion Prefectural Council" in XNUMX prefectures nationwide to promote understanding of the project, and it is expected to expand to XNUMX prefectures by the end of this year. Also introduced.


In addition to the fact that a prefectural council has been set up in Nagasaki, the Tsushima City Council has adopted a written opinion calling for early construction in XNUMX, and will actively work to foster momentum for construction promotion with Governor Nakamura. Ask if you have any ideas.


On the other hand, the governor said, "As construction progresses, it will become a bilateral national project, and various issues such as huge construction cost burden and technical problems are expected. Currently, there are many uncertainties. The situation is lacking in specificity. It is necessary to carefully identify the movements of the country. "

Mr. Takahira said that the pipeline and high-voltage power transmission line attached to the tunnel will enable multilateral gas and electric power interchange, and the energy industry can be expected to develop, and the local industry markets in Nagasaki, Saga, and Fukuoka are also dramatic. "We can expect that Saga Prefecture's stance on the full standardization of the Kyushu Shinkansen will change naturally," he said.


In addition, the Japan-Korea Tunnel Realization Kyushu Liaison Council was formed, and he mentioned that many parliaments and business people are participating. "There are many hurdles, but it is important to start with a cause. I want you to actively work as a politician in order to pave the way for you. "

(Nagasaki Construction Newspaper July 2017, 7 issue)

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