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Japan-Korea Tunnel Related News-2

We would like to introduce the articles of the Japan-Korea Tunnel Project featured in the media and media (magazines).

[Contribution] Construction of the Bering Tunnel is a prosperous project on the Korean Peninsula.

The way of life of the Korean people is cooperation between North and South.The Bering Strait project is a reality, not a dream

Recently, it became a hot topic that President Lee Myung-bak visited Mongolia and Central Asia, and General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited Russia.Coincidentally, the North-South leaders' agenda coincided on the issue of energy and transportation, which means they have a great survival strategy.
From August 8th to 17th, experts from various countries, including representatives from the three countries of the United States, China and Russia, including the author who was the Korean representative of the Bering Strait Peace Forum supported by the World Peace Tunnel Foundation, participated in the event. An international conference was held under the theme of "Infrastructure Complex Development in the Northeastern Russia Region of the Republic of Sakha, Russia".The main agenda items of this conference were (19) railway connection between Eurasia and the North American continent, and (3) energy resource development in the Far East region.
The fact that the agenda taken up by the inter-Korean summits in the countries visited and the theme at the Saha International Conference was resources and transportation networks shows that it is the region's greatest concern.In particular, as a peninsula country, we have no choice but to pay attention to the future course of life.It is also time for North and South leaders to seek a common survival strategy for win-win relationships with each other.At this conference, the author saw the Bering Strait project being deeply discussed and promoted, and realized that the north and south cooperation was the way to open up a new path for the Korean people.
First of all, the Bering Strait project is a business that makes the Korean Peninsula the central region of Northeast Asia.By connecting the railway network of the Korean Peninsula to the Trans-Siberian Railway, it will give momentum to the promotion of the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel Project, which has been discussed a lot.If the shortest land route connecting Europe and the Americas is opened, cargo from South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia will all accumulate on the Korean Peninsula.The Korean Peninsula will become the Netherlands in Europe.
Second, the railway, oil and gas pipelines that run through the Korean Peninsula will strengthen the physical foundation of inter-Korean joint prosperity and will ultimately contribute to the creation of a unified environment.The unification of the Korean Peninsula will be a catalyst for the formation of an East Asian community that will transform the conflict of Northeast Asian regional order into cooperation.
Third, the Korean Peninsula can be the birthplace of a new civilization that connects the ocean and the continent.It is a long-standing hope of the countries concerned to create a new civilization that aims for the joint prosperity and welfare of humankind by uniting the United States, China, Russia, Japan, and unified South Korea.
The 21st century must be the century of hope for the birth of a new civilization that fuses continents and marine forces.
The Bering Strait project currently underway will not only accelerate the economic renaissance era of the global village, but also contribute to the construction of world peace and human welfare society by inducing the development of Siberia and Alaska, which are a treasure trove of resources. ..In addition, the Bering Strait project is of concern to the international community regarding the development of Arctic resources and the availability of shipping lanes.The Bering Strait project is closer to reality than dream.The era of continental and ocean fusion has begun, fulfilling the long-cherished desire of the Korean Peninsula.
--- (Korea "Sekai Nippo", September 2011, 9) [Contribution] John Take John, Ambassador to Russia

Approved construction of Bering Strait and undersea tunnel --- Total project cost of 1000 billion dollars

A green light was lit on plans to dig an undersea tunnel in the Bering Strait between the Eurasian and North American continents and connect it to both railroad networks.
On August 8 (local time), the Kremlin approved a plan to build an undersea tunnel in the Bering Strait by 22, according to the British Daily Mail.
Alexander Levin, Deputy Governor of the Russian Far East, revealed at an international conference on resource development in Yakutsk with the participation of experts from the United States, China and the United Kingdom.
The Bering Strait, which connects Alaska in the United States and Siberia in Russia, is about 80 km wide, and a date line runs between Lyon Inn Big Diomedes Island on the Russian side and Migkryong Inn Little Diomedes Som. 2 years ago, some areas appeared above the water, and human exchanges between Asia and the North American continent were active.The undersea tunnel to be constructed here is about 1000 km long, and the construction project cost is estimated to reach 105 billion dollars (about 1000 billion won).For this reason, Russia first decided to invest $ 107 billion by 8800 to extend the Trans-Siberian Railway line to Yakutsk.Once the undersea tunnel is completed, it will take about 2013 days by train from London, England to New York.In addition, resources that were navigating the Pacific Ocean by ship will be able to move cheaply and quickly by using rail freight.
--- (Korea "Sekai Nippo", August 2011, 8)

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